Heartbreaking Breakup Messages

One of the most dreadful circumstances that a person undergoes in a lifetime is a heartbreak. A common metaphor this is a lump in a throat that ends up suffocating a person. It even affects doing mundane tasks.

Love grants us a feeling of ultimate gratification, but apparently some things are beyond our comprehension why love, or a relationship, does not last. If you feel like it’s about time to end the relationship, then we have sample messages to help you out with the right words to say. We’ve also made sure that these messages have sincerity weaved into them. You may reword and rephrase some of these, depending on the situation that you are in. Send these through a written message or have it ready in case you need to say it in person.

  • I am sorry but I can’t be with you anymore. I have to be honest to you and to myself. I have found out that my mind always dwells in the past than live with you in the present and in the future. I realize that this is unhealthy for our relationship. I no longer see the future we both visualized, especially considering everything that has happened between us. I don’t mean to inflict you with much pain, but I think it’s best we go our separate ways.


  • I am grateful for the things that you have done for me in the past, I really am. Along the way, I have realized that it is not possible for us to last forever. Before this situation is aggravated by other possible factors, I ask that we bid our goodbyes to avoid hurting each other for too long.


  • I don’t know how you were able to hide those skeletons away from me! When I laid all my cards to you and you alone, yet you chose to break my heart. I will not be sorry for bidding you goodbye. I hope you get what you deserve.


  • (Name), thank you so much for making me feel loved for a very long time and for enduring me and all my trouble. With deep regret, I must break up with you. I could no longer bear to see you being dragged down by me. I’m nothing but a distraction to you, and because I love you so much I want to set you free. I wish that you will get all of your heart’s desires.


  • Just so you know I found out about your secret dates and I am happy to tell you that I am breaking up with you. Don’t get me wrong, but I am not jealous about your girls and not even hurting. As a matter of fact, I am utterly disgusted. My only regret is I have invested so much time on a liability.


  •  You have helped me believe in a love that could last forever and, most of all, you made me believe in you. I don’t know how long you’ve been faking it, and it really is tragic to know that the “I love you’s” you have told me are shared with other women women who are oblivious to your tricks. Thank you for hurting me by not seeing my worth, it took me this sorrow to realize it.

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