Polite Break Up Messages

At the time of breaking up of various relationships, people exchange messages amongst each other to let them know the reason behind break up and to make them understand that it is better to depart.

Such messages when written with the use of polite words and framed nicely are called as polite break up messages. These messages tend to end a relationship in a polite way.

Sample Polite Break Up Messages

  • I have finally decided to break up with you. It is because you have always been so dishonest and untrue. At this point of time, I would like to thank you for giving me all those precious moments, loving you was a biggest mistake. Good bye!
  • Our break up can be best compared to a broken mirror. Even if I will try again and again to fix it, I will end up hurting myself. This time I really give up and have decided for a final break up. Good bye!
  • Without hurting your feelings and respecting the love that you had for me, I have decided to break up with you finally. I do not want to break your heart but it is better for both of us to stay apart. Now is the time to say good bye to you, I wish all your dreams come true. Goodbye!
  • Even after giving you hundred chances, I think breaking up with you in an only option left. I do not want to make my life a mess. It was always good to be with you, but I have decided for a break up because you were always so untrue. Good bye and have a happy life.
  • [blockquote]I don’t want to end my relationship with you with some harsh words and harsh feelings for you. All what I want you tell you is that I don’t love you! It would be right to go for a break up and sit and memories the day when me made up. Goodbye lover![/blockquote]
  • Let us politely and sweetly end our love and thank GOD for giving us such beautiful days from above. It was nice to be with you but I have made up my mind to have break up with you. Good luck for your future and have a nice life ahead.
  • I think breaking up is the only option left with us. Let us calmly bid adieu to each other without any fuss. With no bitter words and harsh feelings for you, I want to politely break up with you.

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