Relation Break-Up Messages

Break ups are responsible to officially and mutually end a running relationship. For this purpose messages are exchanged to convey about the breakup of a particular relationship.

Such messages are termed as relation break up messages. The messages can be stated along with a proper purpose and reason behind the end of a relation.

Sample Relation Break Up Messages

  • Relationships do break but the people who are in the relationships are broken forever.
  • [blockquote]I always thought that we both had a best relation ever. Who knew that the third person would come and destroy it forever. Goodbye![/blockquote]
  • If I would have known the fact that someday our relationship has to end, I would have never initiated to give it a start. Because, the relationship that can end was never actually started. It was nice being with you all this while. Good bye and maintain that beautiful smile.
  • Our relationship was the one everyone dreamt of. I never knew your ex would hop in and you will get so close. I am glad you showed me your real side and made me realize that I was fooled all the while. I just want a break up from this relation with you, I damn hate you!

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