Relationship Break Up Messages

Relationship break up messages are those in which one person breaks up his/her relationship with person of opposite sex, of mutual affection and bond.

In these messages a person due to difficult circumstances expresses the need to dissolve the relationship with the recipient and regret, for doing the same.

The message is usually brief and precise. Some samples of relationship break up messages are given below.

Sample Relationship Break Up Messages:

  • [blockquote]I hope you will forgive me for breaking our relation in such a way but I had no choice left, since life with you was getting tougher day by day. Sorry if I let you down.[/blockquote]
  • I do not regret that you came in my life since we shared very fond memories with each other but this relationship was not meant to go any forward than this. I will always miss you and remember you as my good friend. Hope you will understand why I did this.
  • I am sorry for ending our relationship but I don’t think we both can survive like this, fighting each day on small issues. May you have a better future and all the happiness in life!
  • I hate to do this but let’s just end our relation and move forward; maybe we will find our happiness with different people.

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