Relationships Break Up Text messages

Break up text messages are sent when a person wishes to break up from a relationship. Relationship break up text messages are the text messages that are sent by a sender on breaking up of a relationship.

These messages can be exchanged amongst friends on break up of their friendship, between lovers on break up of their love relationship, etc.

Sample Relationships Break Up Text Messages

  • Let us mutually and peacefully bid adieu to this relationship. We can no longer hold on to each other with so many hardships. It was lovely being with you, I will forever miss you.
  • [blockquote]I will always remember the day when I and you became one from two. It was a lifetime experience being with you. This message bid a cheerful adieu. Goodbye![/blockquote]
  • Let me tell you, I no longer love you. I hate being in such a fake relationship with you. I really hate you and I hate you for being so untrue.
  • If ever I knew, you will be so untrue; I would have never given my heart to you. I curse myself for stepping in such a relationship with you wherein I loved you and you were never really true.

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