Sad Break Up Messages

A romantic relation is the most beautiful part of any individual’s life and a break up in the relation is immeasurably throbbing. A crumbling relation drains out both the person mentally and emotionally.

Sad break up messages usually bear a tinge of sadness and depicts the mental state of a person after the split. These messages are nothing but an attempt to console the bereaved hearts, if at all that is possible.

Sample Sad Break Up Messages

  • Each single moment spend with you was like dream come true. It is immensely painful and tough for me to even think of my life without you. But, this is what fate has in store for us and we both have to accept the harsh reality.
  • [blockquote]I can not believe that we have to separate our ways from here on after so many years of togetherness. You came to my life and I saw a new glimmer of hope. Breaking up with you is like ripping my soul into pieces.[/blockquote]
  • I knew only life and death are inevitable, but now it seems that our break up is also such. May be both of us lacked something that we could not take the relation to fulfilment.
  • [blockquote]My heart aches to imagine that from here on you will not be there to hold my hand and give me a shoulder to cry on, as if a part of me is being amputed and I can do nothing about it. We broke up but still my heart refuses to believe such a cruel fact.[/blockquote]

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