Sad Break Up SMS Messages

Break up messages can be sent and framed in variety of ways such as funny break up messages, serious break up messages, sweet break up messages, etc.

Sad break up sms messages are one such type of messages that are sent as the SMS messages through mobile phones. These messages are framed in a sad and an emotional tone to be sent to a person at the time of breaking up of a relationship.

Sample Sad Break Up SMS Messages

  • [blockquote]To me you were so dear. I loved the way we were always so near. Without you I am always in some fear. I will really miss you today, tomorrow and forever.[/blockquote]
  • The day you left me was the day I am calling you to come to me. I always thought that you will always be mine; how can you live without me all this time. I miss you!
  • I cry, I weep, I think about you all the while. I am truly searching for my lost smile.  Please do not go, I cannot live without you; I will have nothing to do. I really love you.
  • Please do not break up with me. You are the most perfect girlfriend to be. I am sorry, please forgive me!

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