Sad Love Breaks Up Messages

Break up messages are sent and exchanged at the time of breaking away of any relationship, be it a love relationship or friendship, etc.

Sad love break up messages are sent at the time when there is a breakaway of a love relationship. These messages are sent with the sad feelings and are framed and sent in an emotional way.

Sample Sad Love Break Up Messages

  • [blockquote]The fact that hurts me the most is that why were you so untrue. I damn hate you and I regret the number of times I confessed to you that I love you.[/blockquote]
  • I am so sad thinking why you were so bad. I was always so good to you and I meant when I used to say I love you.
  • I could not believe that you would do this to me. It is a dream for me to see. I cannot bear the pain of this separation and you have left me to suffer this isolation.
  • I wish I would have known that you were so untrue. Instead of loving you, I would hate you. If you would have asked for my life, I would have given you without any surprise. 

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