Short Break Up SMS Messages

Short break up messages are the messages that a sender sends to his or her counterpart at the time of breaking up of their relationship.

These messages must be framed in a short, precise and a clear manner to express your feelings before or after the breakup. The messages are usually the emotional break up messages, but the tone of such messages may differ according to the sender.

Sample Short Break Up Messages

  • You are the one with whom I have shared all the moments of love, laughter and fun. I will miss you.
  • [blockquote]One thing better than loving you is to hate you. I hate you and I hate the way I made love to you.[/blockquote]
  • Our love has shattered like the broken pieces of mirror. As much as I try to fix it, I end up getting hurt! I hate you!
  • With every passing day, I thought I would love you more and more in my own special way. Today, I have just one thing to say – Get a life and live your own way.
  • I have never loved you as must as I hate you. You have truly hurt me all the while and have snatched my happiness and that smile.

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