Sorry Break Up Messages

Sorry break up messages are those messages which are written by a person to break up from his/her girlfriend or boyfriend. These messages are also accompanied with a brief note of apology for breaking up and are sad in nature.

Sorry break up messages must explain the reason why the sender wants to break up from the recipient in a brief way. Any such message must be precise and crisp in nature. If you are confused about framing such a message, then the following given samples of sorry break up messages would help you.

Sample Sorry Break Up Messages

  • [blockquote]I am really sorry that I am saying this to you but I think I want to end this relationship and break up with you forever. I have tried a lot to work ways with you but I have failed each time. I think I can’t try any longer and I am extremely apologetic about this. Hope you understand.[/blockquote]
  • What I am going to say is the hardest thing I have said to anyone. I think I cannot be your girlfriend any longer because I don’t love you anymore. It is best for us to break up. I am really sorry about this but I am totally helpless.
  • Having to say goodbye is a hard thing to do but even then we have to do it in certain situations. You can consider this a goodbye message from me to you because I am ending this relationship. Please forgive me for this.
  • I am extremely sorry that I haven’t been able to be a good boyfriend to you. I think we should break up because of the differences between us. I hope you forgive me.
  • [blockquote]I am extremely hurt, sad and upset that we couldn’t work out our relationship. I think this is the right time to part ways because after this, it would be too late and thus too difficult for us to do so. Please forgive me if I have hurt you by saying this but I know even you agree to it.[/blockquote]
  • Sorry for all those days when I wasn’t there for you, sorry for all those times when I hurt you and sorry that I am breaking up with you. Hope you understand my reasons.
  • I think I have started liking someone else and this is the reason why I am breaking up with you. I am extremely sorry.

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