Sweet Breakup Messages

Sweet break up messages are the texts messages that are written in a sweet tone of words to peacefully end up the love bond between a girl and a boy.

Such type of texts are never expressed in harsh words and are written with due respect of feelings by a boy or a girl to their respective partners.

Sample Sweet Breakup Messages

  • [blockquote]You were the only happiness in my life. I can’t think of surviving a day without you. You shouldn’t have broken my heart dear! But I pray for you to be happy. Goodbye![/blockquote]
  • Whenever things go wrong between us, I get puzzled. I have a broken heart. Honey why did you leave me in this pain? But still I hope that you are happy. Adieu!
  • [blockquote]“I have a life, I must live and you are not a part”. Just saying these words break my fragile heart. But still I pray for your success and happiness. Goodbye my dear![/blockquote]
  • The sorrow that I bear in my heart, I can’t conceal. You have left me with a scar which no one can heal. You broke my heart but I still want you to be cheerful. Goodbye my love!
  • Can you hear me when my heart cries out in a stabbing pain? Do you know each night, I dream to be with you again? I miss you so much all the while. Miss you my dear. Goodbye!
  • You have made my heart shattered in two. But baby, remember that my love for you is true and I can’t live without you. But I will always want you to be happy. Goodbye dear!
  • Dear love, let us formally and mutually depart out of this bond because it isn’t going anywhere. Moments spent with you would forever last in me. Goodbye!
  • My eyes are tired waiting for you, my arms are empty because they can’t catch you, and hence my heart is all broken because I am not with you.
  • Since now the broken heart cannot be mend, let us move towards an END. Goodbye!
  • Just here to let you know, it’s all over from my side. Move on because you surely deserve someone really better. For your happy life am leaving from your side. Adieu!
  • [blockquote]The time you took to realise the value of people around you, it might be the time for them to leave you. You made it late, it wasn’t in our fate, and to break would be an option great! Goodbye forever.[/blockquote]

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