Text Break Up Messages

Break up is a very sad chapter of ones life and coming out of this painful phase is difficult more often than not. Text break up messages are typical messages which mirrors the state of mind of the person undergoing through the dreadful phase.

These messages could at least soothe the individual to a certain extent so as to make him/her feel that the messages are with them in times of solitude.

Sample Text Break Up Messages

  • The only thing constant in this universe is change, such goes the saying and so we should always keep in mind that no relation is forever. Even if we have to succumb to a break up we will face it with a smiling visage so that the world does not laugh at our pain.
  • I know it is just not easy to accept the fact that we broke up but may be this is how it was all destined to be. May be our commitment had some loop holes which led to such a partition between us.
  • [blockquote]Breaking up with you is just like inflicting life imprisonment on myself without being guilty. With every passing second the sweet reminiscences of all the happy moments are conglomerating in my mind and the twinge is excruciating.[/blockquote]
  • With you around, life was always a gala event. Now as we are not together anymore, it is next to impossible for me to move on in life. Anyways, I always wish that all the success of life embraces you with open arms.

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