Touching Break Up Messages

Break up messages are exchanged amongst people when they breaks away from a particular relationship of friendship or a love relationship.

These messages might be framed in a manner that it directly touches the heart of the reader. Such messages are called as touching break up messages and are sent in a very emotional manner.

Sample Touching Break Up Messages

  • [blockquote]GOD mends everything from a little toy to that shining star. But He could not mend a pain that one gets from a broken heart.[/blockquote]
  • Never cry for the sun that has already set. Because your tears won’t then let you see the shining stars.
  • Give your heart some time so that it may grow strong to once again shine. Let your sadness flies away with the wings of the time.
  • I had loved you with all what I had. Why did not I realize that you were this bad? I am yelling for the moments when I held your hand and the promises that I made with you as my future husband.
  • Thanks for giving me your beautiful memories to cherish forever. I do not care if we are together. I will always love you and never regret that you were this untrue. 

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