Business apology messages

Business apology messages can be a very effective means to bridge gap between a service provider company and its client in case of some slip in the promise from the former. Nicely knit apology messages can definitely help the client regain its faith on the service provider firm.

Sample Business Apology Messages

  • We are sorry to find that the goods delivered to you on October 17, 2010 have experienced some defects. This was because of some modifications of our machineries. We promise to deliver perfect products within October 30, 2010. We thank you to have faith in us.
  • [blockquote]Thank you for bringing in notice the fault in the deliverables last week. This was due to a bug that infected all our machines. [/blockquote]The bug is now removed and hence we commit to deliver products as per our quality within the next week. We highly apologize for the inconvenience.
  • We express regret to state that we will be unable to deliver all the objects within October 30, 2010 as per our agreement. This happened because of an unforeseen natural calamity that affected our city which compelled most of our employees to take leave. We obligate to deliver the consignment within November 10, 2010.
  • We agree that the goods delivered to you as part of the last shipment was not of high quality. Hence, we oblige to resend those goods with the next delivery. We are grateful to you for being understanding.
  • The complaint mail received on October 15, 2010 is accepted. The shortcomings were due to some technical problems in our systems. We will definitely resend those deliverables perfectly with the next release.

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