Business Farewell Messages

Farewell messages are sent to the people when they are leaving or departing from a particular work place or from their employment.

Business farewell messages are such messages that are exchanged amongst the people who are linked to a specific business to bid farewell to them. These messages much be written professionally and formally.

Sample Business Farewell Messages

  • I think no one would be ever able to replace you and your position in this business. Your presence was enough to guide and support us during our employment days here. We will miss you dearly and all the very best for your future prospects.
  • [blockquote]I am messaging you all to inform about my farewell. I am leaving my post as a typist from this business organization as I have some newer opportunities waiting for me. It was a nice experience to be surrounded by such a great business men like you. I will miss my days spent here. Goodbye![/blockquote]
  • You may already know that I am leaving my job post from this company and setting forward to a new opportunity. On my farewell, I want to express my gladness to each one of you for giving me such a diligent supervision and support. Hoping to stay in touch always.

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