Business Greeting Card Holiday Messages

Business greeting card holiday messages are the messages that are exchanged amongst the people linked to a particular business organisation, group or a project, to greet each other with happy holiday wish.

These messages are sent as the greeting card messages to say happy holidays to a business person, co-worker, colleagues, employees etc. The messages are framed and sent in an informal or formal way.

Sample Business Greeting Card Holiday Messages

  • Here is a holiday season, wishing you success, accomplishments and happiness of this season. Happy holidays and have great fun.
  • [blockquote]Your unending contributions and hard work towards our business organisation deserves a holiday break. Greetings for the warm and fun-filled holiday seasons to all the employees and staff members. Happy Holidays![/blockquote]
  • Wishing all the employees of Johnson business organisation, a very happy festive holiday season. May you all have a great time with your family and enjoy your festivals merrily. Happy Holidays!
  • [blockquote]The time is now to celebrate joys and happiness without any reason. Finally it is a holiday season! Happy holidays to all the workers and staff.[/blockquote]
  • Holiday wishes and greetings to each member of Fortune Enterprises. May you all experience healthy, wealthy and fun-filled holidays .

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