Business Invitation Messages

Business invitation messages are sent out by a company’s team for the formal launch of either a product or to mark any other noteworthy occasion. It is to invite notable people as well as clients to a firm’s gathering. These messages are formal in nature.

Sample Business Invitation Messages

  • [blockquote]Our company XYZ shall be celebrating its 15th anniversary as a leading producer of JKL product not in the country but also in the world. We hence invite you to be a part of the festivity.[/blockquote]
  • RTX firm cordially invites all its associates and clients in to its golden jubilee celebration to be held on the 5th of November 2010 from 6pm onwards within the company premises.
  • [blockquote]The 25th anniversary of company shall be held on 31st October 2010 from 8pm onwards and your august presence shall be highly appreciated.[/blockquote]
  • ABC Company is ready to launch its much awaited product the SKH and to mark this joyful occasion we invite all our associates who have struggled with us in our endeavour.
  • XYZ Company is known for its loyalty to its customers and its valued products .Thus we shall be glad if you grace the launch of our brand new product RHS and be a part of the celebrations.
  • [blockquote]PQR firm is proud to host a conference on Economic growth, which shall be attended by well known experts across the world. We shall be glad if you attend the same and lend an ear to the words of these imminent personalities.[/blockquote]

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