Business Messages Essay

Business messages are those messages which are exchanged between any two parties who are engaged or involved in a business venture or deal.

Business messages can be sent across in many ways out of which one is business messages essay. Business messages essay are those messages which are sent across in the form of an essay.

Given below are a few examples of business messages essay for your reference purpose.

Sample Business Messages Essay:

  •  This is to inform you and your company that we as an enterprise were impressed by your presentation and proposal of the construction project. We would like to continue with its further working by signing a contract which has been provided in the following part of the message.
  •  [blockquote]We are extremely sorry to inform you that your business proposal has been turned down by our board of directors. We shall inform you of new opportunities whenever we have new projects in mind.[/blockquote]
  •  [blockquote]Our company has decided to accept your idea and has decided to give your company the position of our formal and official service providers. Please contact us on the office landline number as soon as you get this email.[/blockquote]
  •  Thanks for applying for the job position. We shall get back to you on the same shortly.

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