Business Messages Example

Business messages are those messages which are sent or written from one business party to another. A business message is basically a formal message stating anything which is related to the business or any other formal office purpose.

There are many kinds of business messages. The following are a few business messages example which can be used for reference purpose.

Sample Business Messages Example:

  • [blockquote]Respected sir, we were pleased to receive your invitation for the business conference you are organising. This is to inform you that I shall be honoured to attend the conference.[/blockquote]
  •  We are pleased to inform you that your business proposal has been accepted and approved by our company. I shall give you a call soon to discuss the further details over the phone.
  •  Our company shall not be able to accept your formal proposal for further business correspondence because of certain problems faced in the past. Hope you shall understand our position. 
  •  We would like to keep a meeting to discuss the possibilities of this venture with you in the coming week. Please inform us the day that sits you in the next week. Thanks.
  •  Our company is satisfied with your statement and we shall contact you for further details shortly.


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