Business Outgoing Messages

Business outgoing messages are the voice mail messages that might be heard when you call a businessmen or a business organization or any other person linked to the business.

These messages are heard on the answering machines and convey important business update in the absence of someone. The purpose of such outgoing messages is to tell the caller that you may contact later.

Sample Business Outgoing Messages

  • The person whom you are trying to call is in some business meeting. Leave your message after the beep of call again later after 7: OO PM.
  • [blockquote]You have reached the Florida Company’s helpline number. For any assistance related to our business proposals and business offers, press one and your call would be transferred to our executive. Thanks for your consideration in us.[/blockquote]
  • The person whom you are trying to reach is right now busy with some important business discussions. You may leave your messages after the beep. You will be contacted soon.
  • You have called Fortune Company – an organization running cloth business! Your call is important to us. Kindly stay on line, you will be shortly speaking to our executive. Thanks for your time and cooperation. Looking forward for a great business with you. 

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