Business Referral Messages

Business referral messages are sent when a person wishes to refer a particular person or some referral documents to a business organization.

These messages are framed in a formal and a professional way to refer a person for a particular post or task that is linked to the business. Such messages are sent by properly defining the qualities and skills of the referred person.

Sample Business Referral Messages

  • I am referring Mr. Watson Charles to your business organization. He will introduce you to all the newer technologies that would be of a great help to you in your IT sector. Kindly take some time out of your busy schedule to consider him.
  • [blockquote]I am sending some business referral documents for your full insight and proper review. I am sure that you will be attracted by our proposals and referrals. I look forward for an early and a positive response from you.[/blockquote]
  • On behalf of Florida Enterprises, I am referring George Pinto for the position of a sales executive at your esteemed business organization. He is equipped with all the necessary skills and credentials that are required to meet your expectations. Kindly refer him for the vacant post.

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