Business SMS Messages

Business SMS messages are short messages but they fulfill the role of communication of information. A SMS is usually sent via the wonder gadget, The Mobile Phone but usually business SMS have to be sent to a lot of people.

Hence these bulk messages are sent through the computer to the phones of the recipients thus allowing you to reach them almost directly.

This innovation has now become an invaluable mode of communication among the members of many business organizations. They have the added advantage of being quick, short but informative and equally communicative as a verbal message.

Sample Business SMS Messages

  • We are happy to inform you that our firm is celebrating silver jubilee function. You are cordially invited to grace the occasion.
  • All are requested to be present at the urgent meeting at the conference hall immediately!
  • All the staff members are requested to finish the pending work by 26th September which will be helpful for auditing. Thank you for your co-operation!
  • We are conducting monthly meeting today at the conference hall. All are requested to be present by 3.00 P.M.
  • All the staff members are requested to be present in the college day function by 4.00 P.M. to carry the function successfully!
  • This SMS is to remind you that tomorrow there is a client meeting followed by lunch and you are requested to be present by 12.00 P.M!
  • I want to announce that we had got the contract with the ABC Consultancy. So we are arranging get together party at Deepa Comforts, 6.00 P.M. All are welcome!
  • The staff meeting has been arranged to discuss the arrangement of the golden jubilee function! All are requested to be present in the Conference Hall by 10.00 A.M!
  • This is to inform you that the auditing staff is arriving at 3.00 P.M kindly keep all the records ready for auditing in time!
  • An urgent meeting has been arranged to discuss the development of office infrastructure; please assemble at the conference hall immediately. Sorry for the inconvenience. CEO, Raymond Testing Centre.
  • [blockquote]This SMS is to remind you of the luncheon today with the French delegates for the Meeting at 7 pm. Make sure you arrive on time. Thank You.[/blockquote]
  • I proudly announce that we have signed the contract with the prestigious Intel Corporation. A Get Together Party has been arranged today at Ritz, 6 pm to rejoice this moment.
  • All the employees are requested to finish the pending accounting work for today by 3 pm at the most. Please comply as we have an audit at 4 pm today. Thank you for your patience.
  • It is to announce that our firm has completed 50 years of service in this country. Please gather at the conference hall for the celebration of the success.

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