Business Status Messages

Status messages are the messages that are visible to all and are updated as the status messages on any social networking site or social networking search engine.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-lightblue” ]Business status messages[/highlight] are such messages that are related to the business in any form. These messages might be useful to introduce your business to the public or can be used for any such purpose.

Sample Business Status Messages

  • A business without an ambition is a business so unsuccessful. You should always try to fly in the plane off ambition and land in the airport of success.
  • [blockquote]In any business, people with great minds discuss ideas and proposals, people with average minds focus on discussing events, but people with small minds discuss just the people![/blockquote]
  • A proficient businessman is a one who thinks that return “of” your money is way too important and considerate than return “on” your money.
  • If you a fooled once, shame on the person who fooled you. If you are fooled again, shame on you!
  • Quality is not always determined by the class or superiority. In a business, quality means doing something with intelligence and making it right when others are not looking.
  • One tongue and two ears are given to a human so that he may hear twice as much as he can speak. 

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