Business Text Messages

Business messages are usually of two of types, written and verbal messages. Business text messages are short written messages conveying valuable little information.

These text messages may be sent as a card, greeting, SMS, letters or any other written means.  Business text messages exchange information quickly.

SMS messages are quite an innovation as they almost directly reach the person. About 90% of the phones in have a facility to receive and send text messages. The main advantage is that they are short, quick and trendy.

Sample Business Text Messages:

  • You have successfully booked an appointment with the CEO of Sun Microsystems, Java Runtime Services at 7:00 pm this Wednesday i.e. on 25th August 2010. Please make sure you arrive 5 minutes before the time.
  • This is to inform you that the committee meeting for the planning of the road development will commence shortly. You are requested to be present at the conference hall in few minutes. Thank You for your co-operation.
  • We are very sorry to inform the loss of the Surveillance Security Devices contract due to various issues. However your efforts in the matters are highly appreciated. We acknowledge that you have done your best. We shall consider this failure a lesson and hitherto work with greater enthusiasm. [blockquote]Thank You.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]This message is intended to inform you to attend the interview for the post of a Web Designer at out reputed organization, The ATI Graphic Studio. Your interview is scheduled at 10:00 am, 1st Aug 2010 (Sunday). Please arrive at our office 30 minutes in advance. Thank You.[/blockquote]

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