Effective Business Messages

An effective business message is one which has a positive effect on the party to which it is being addressed. Business messages must be formal in nature and must be precise in nature so as to create the best possible impact on the other party or person.

There are many kinds of effective business messages which are applicable in different situations.

The following are a few examples of effective business messages.

Sample Effective Business Messages:

  • Mr. X, this is to inform you that we shall consider it our honour to work with you on a project which is of great importance to our company and to yours.
  • [blockquote]Thanks for choosing our company for the partnership in your new business venture. We shall do our best to bring profit and increase in shareholder wealth.[/blockquote]
  • We just received your complaint letter and regret the fact that you were not satisfied with the last order. We shall do our best to satisfy you in any way we can.
  • ¬†We have received the order which was placed by us last month. The order is in perfect shape and condition and we wish to thank you for the same. You shall receive your payment by the end of this week.

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