Emotional Appeal Business Messages

Emotional appeal business messages are sent to seek a petition or to request for something linked to the business.

These messages are framed and sent in an emotional manner so that it directly affects the reader.

The messages are sent to appeal, plea or demand for something in an emotional manner. The purpose of sending these messages is always linked to a business.

Sample Emotional Appeal Business Messages

  • [blockquote]We are messaging to tell you that we run a business wherein we look after the health and education of the poor and deprived children of the New York City. [/blockquote]It is our request to you to kindly make some contributions to our Company and make us serve for the social cause.
  • We run a business of importing and exporting of instruments such a hearing aid, wheel chairs, etc. We serve the physically handicapped people of this country and hence assist them in the best possible way. I would request you to offer some discounts on the same so that we extend our business chain.
  • [blockquote]I am writing this message on behalf of my NGO organization. I would like to appeal all the businessmen to kindly make the likely contributions and serve for the noble and social cause. [/blockquote]

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