Planning Business Messages

A Planning Business Message is an effectual tool to control the corporate flow between two or more organizations. With this technique, corporate companies exchange their business point of view and important policies to plan new business strategies.

Sample Planning Business Messages:

  • Greetings for the Day! I am contacting you on the behalf of ABC Corporate to complete the audience profiling with your kind co-operation as clients. Your referrals are available to us in the pending profile for further business planning. Please provide us the complete profile details to proceed further.
  • [blockquote]Good morning Mr. James! MNC Organizations have mailed you the list of potential clients for which we need to discuss certain business details to plan the layout of new projects. You are requested to go through the list and get back to us with a perfect date. Thank you![/blockquote]
  • Hello Ms.Tena! ABC industries are expecting a guest list of overseas delegates to plan for the business meeting regarding quality control demonstration. Send us the list with immediate effect so that our department can proceed and accomplish the arrangements. Many thanks!
  • [blockquote]Good Day! This is Anna Hopkinson from BDC Company. BDC Company has planned a meeting on Wednesday, Sept 1st, 2010 to signature Memorandum of Understanding to transfer the dealership rights to your company GHJ Company. You are requested to attend the meeting to confirm MOU. Thank you![/blockquote]
  • Dear Mr. Timberlake. Hope you have accepted the business planning format to hype sales and marketing plans. Kindly get back to us with immediate effect. Thanks!

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