Types of Business Messages

Business messages are the formal category of messages which are written from one party to another party, both of whom are linked through a business venture or business deal.

These messages must be extremely to-the-point and should be written by following a particular format. Any business message must be used to inform the receiver about something important. Such messages can also be sent to employees by a senior or can be sent amongst employees of an organisation.

There are many different types of business messages depending upon their nature or purpose.

The following are a Few Types of Business Messages:

  • Business phone messages: these are those messages which are sent through landline or mobile phone. Such messages can be pre recorded and sent whenever required. Some businesses have automated voice mail systems as well.
  • [blockquote]Business email messages: business email messages are sent though mail to the recipient on his/her respective email ID.[/blockquote]
  • Business text messages: business text messages are sent to recipients on their official mobile numbers.
  • Office memos: memos are a type of communication medium which a company uses to send messages within the organisation or between different departments. They are brief in nature and have a particular format and structure.

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