Baby Shower Card Messages For Friend

For a woman, motherhood is one of the biggest blessings in life. Therefore, a ‘would be mother’ is blessed and is showered with gifts and well wishes before she enters this exciting phase of life. In most places around the world, baby shower is a celebrated ceremony where everyone is excited about the baby who is about to arrive. Here are some interesting baby shower card messages for friends that can be sent through cards or gifts.

  • Two girls grew up playing in the doll house and now one is going to relive the girlhood playtimes for real. Wish you the very best dear; may your life soon be filled with a   bonny baby cheer!
  • The time is nearing soon and we are waiting eagerly, to see a new mommy and her sweet little baby.
  • May your little angel bring you all the happiness you deserve; we are waiting for the angel’s arrival and wish you good health and verve.
  • Becoming a mother is the greatest thing in the world. We are sending you tons of good wishes and loads of love for the sweetest baby inside!
  • As you are about to embark on a new phase of life may the journey be all good, you are blessed with the greatest gift of life, here’s wishing you a very happy motherhood.
  • [blockquote]Babies make lives worth living; and soon you will have a new reason to look forward to in life. Make sure you take care of yourself and look after the angel inside.[/blockquote]
  • After years of playing will dolls, you will have a real doll in your lap soon. You must have wished honestly during our girlhood games, and so you have been granted the most beautiful boon!
  •  [notice noticeType=”approved” ] A new family member is going to be welcomed into your lives. I wish the entire world’s happiness for the little one who is snugly waiting inside. Sending you and your baby lots of love and good wishes.[/notice]
  • The birth of a baby is one of the holiest moments in life. The moment is arriving soon. You have looked after it for all these months, and in a few weeks, you will hold a baby so cute.
  • Sending blessings your way, oh yes and the gifts too. For the baby inside comes our love and lots of toys soft and new.

If it’s a girls I’ll give her a tiara, for boy it will be a bow, for you dear friend I will be there, but I will always love the baby a little more.

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