Card Messages for Flowers

Card messages for flowers are those beautiful messages that you would love to send along with your lovely floral gifts. These messages add more meaning to your gifts, especially when you send flowers to wish your loved ones.

Card messages for flowers are written depending on the occasion or the reason for which you are sending flowers and it may be for anniversary, to ask apology, for birthdays or for other reasons.

Sample Card Messages for Flowers

  • All these days, you were always my first and my last thought! Happy anniversary!
  • You have been my friend, lover and my life partner! I’m lucky that I have you! Wish you Very Happy Anniversary!
  • I can never forgive myself, but I hope you will! I’m sorry for what I have done!
  • Please accept these lovely flowers and forget the words I said! I’m sorry about that!
  • Wishing you a great year filled with a lot of joy. Many more happy returns of the day!
  • [blockquote]Happy Birthday! Wish that all your dreams come true today and ever after.[/blockquote]
  • May your day be filled with a lot of happiness, love and smiles and may you improve better every year just like wine! Wishing you a very happy birthday!
  • Though you need to celebrate everyday for being born, today is definitely a big day and that’s your Happy Birthday!
  • I celebrate Valentine’s Day on each day because you take my breath away, today and every day!
  • I’m sending these flowers to you to say that I love you more everyday!
  • Hearty Congratulations on your greatest achievement! Proud to be your friend!
  • Congratulations! That was a perfect and stunning performance indeed.
  • Wished there were more special ways to tell you how much I love you and how much you mean to me!
  • Wish and hope these flowers bring a bright smile to your face and your heart! Get well soon!
  • Congratulations on your sweet little one!
  • Wishing that you recover soon and hope you get back on your feet very soon!
  • A happy heart is all that is required for a happy living with good health! And I hope these flowers make your day bright and happy!
  • Sending these flowers to show you how you bloom everyday! Miss you a lot! Come back soon.
  • We welcome your cute little one to our big family!

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