Card Messages of Intimacy for Boyfriend

Card messages is one of the many ways to express your the undeniable affection you have with your boyfriend. There comes a time where the irrationality love just fills your heart with all pleasant possibilities and you just write your heart out so you may not die from the overwhelming joy that might consume your sanity.

This article can be very much helpful if you have this deep desire to remind your lover how dear he is to you that life without him is robbed of the colors and what is left are the shades that threatens to force you into living the grayest of scales. The sample card messages you find below can be used without any cost, you may use them merely as guidelines should you desire to write your very own for purposes of being unique. This type of message requires a tone of sheer adoration and intimacy to let your lover know how special they are to you and to people around them by pointing out the things that makes them worthy of admiration and, most of all, love.

  • It really is impossible to you without bringing my inhaler because each time you smile you just simply take my breath away. I need my mom to assign a nurse as our chauffeur every time we date just to make sure that I will survive throughout the night from your gorgeousness. Lots of love, obsessed girlfriend.


  • What lovely mind is God’s, for he wrote this love story of ours as if it were a book in every bookstores which never lasts a week in staying there for many mortals want to also have what we already have. I hope this story of ours lasts not only in this lifetime but may echo in eternity. My heart desires to be with yours until death do us part. I love you so much, dear.


  • For all I know time is feared as a god who wishes to corrupt all that possesses beauty, but what have I to fear when all I know is we’ve been together and, although, closed to being aged cripples, the golden heart you possess has never rusted and I am certain that it never will. I consider myself lucky for it is you that I have invested my heart on and I am supremely happy for that.


  • There are things things that kills people softly for the addictive feeling that one brings to another. With you there is something in me that tempts every fiber of me to be in full submission to you. What a wonder you are to humanity¬†for out of all billions of people you are the one who makes me so special and worthy of love. You had thawed my frozen heart and made me joy in the warmth of love by showing me what it feels to be loved and to love, and so far I am happy with it.


  • For all I know it takes a witch and her crafts for princesses to find their prince. When I was young I already thought that this wretch of a fate of mine would never come to an end. You came into my life in my most pathetic state but still you had the heart to invite me to your grandeur of a lifestyle. This fairy tale that I am living is better than the fairy tale books for they only have a happy ending but you give me an unending happiness. I love you so much, dearest.


  • Do you ever think that the sun envies you? I am sorry for spending some time thinking about this trivial thought for there really is something about you that makes me want to acknowledge even to the minute details of your existence. For the record, I do think that the sun is envious to you for your smile alone leaves no traces of shadow in my world of shades. I¬†have hopes that what we have will endure the harshness of this lifetime.


  • I always look forward to meeting you because the sight of you gives me inspiration to be successful in the daily missions that I think are impossible to be accomplished. There is something so special about you that makes me not want to share with anyone, you may call me selfish, but you will be the only blessing in my life I refuse to share. If you feel tired and everything you can always repose sweetly in my comfort and I hope it doesn’t bother you if pecks of kisses will be planted on your forehead.


  • I find it truly impossible to compare a single person to a million metaphor at the same time until my heart had glimpsed a part of yours. My poetic prowess can never be sufficed with your existence for we have been together for many years now and I am not even done with writing poems about your tantalizing eyes. You truly are the most beautiful person I have ever known and I want to see the unraveling of this life of mine now that you, too, will forever be a part of it.

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