Farewell Party Invitation Card Messages

Farewell party invitations are sent to the people to invite them to mark their presence on the farewell of someone. These messages are sent by a person to all the other team members, faculty members, friends etc, so as to bid a cheerful adieu to someone on his or her farewell.

Farewell party invitation card messages are the farewell invitations that are sent through the invitation cards, to invite and inform other people about someone’s farewell.

Sample Farewell Party Invitation Card Messages

  • Join us as we celebrate the last few moments with Mr. Bob. You are requested to kindly mark your presence on the farewell party, scheduled to be held on 30th June at the party hall. Please come and pay your sincere gratitude to him for his services.
  • [blockquote]We look forward to have you at the farewell party, honouring the happy farewell of our boss, Mr. Martin. Your presence is welcomed to express your thankfulness and gratitude towards him for his guidance and support. You are requested to confirm your presence by tomorrow.[/blockquote]
  • One of our best colleagues, Mr. Fred Darwin, is heading forward for some greater opportunities. He is bidding us farewell and is shifting to some other workplace. In reference to his farewell, we have organised a farewell party for him. You are requested to mark your presence to mark last moments with him.
  • Your presence is requested as we celebrate the farewell party of our dearest friend and a best co worker, Ms. Martha. Come and wish her good luck for her future. You are requested to report sharp at 5:00 PM at the conference hall. We look forward to see you at the farewell party.
  • This is to invite you for a dinner, featuring the farewell party of Mr. Ronald. You are requested to mark your presence to bid a final goodbye to him. Kindly come and wish him good luck for his upcoming career.
  • We request for your warm presence over a farewell party of or manager. He is retiring after 15 years of meritorious services to this company and therefore we would like you to join us in this regard. Kindly come and express your sincerest gratitude towards him. We look forward to have you at the farewell party.
  • As Mr. Eric is bidding us goodbye, we have planned a farewell party in surprise. You are requested to mark your presence.

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