Funny Card Messages For Girlfriend

Most girls fall for funny and humorous guys. So if you really want to woo your girlfriend, keep the regular “I love you” aside for a while and make her laugh with some funny card messages. The contents of your message can be anything from self-deprecating jokes to direct mockery of the recipient. But you are sure to score with the funny messages.Below given are some samples of these messages.

So what if I got a few rotten potatoes? I can choose quite well. There were so many girls dying to date me in college, but I chose the best female!

  • [blockquote]You are so beautiful and smart; you have the best smile and a kind heart. I must have been a fool to not see it at the start, but the more I see you, you are like me in most parts![/blockquote]
  • You are distractingly gorgeous and graceful; whenever you enter the room I tend to look up from my smartphone.
  • You are the best girlfriend ever; you relieve me from all my fatigue; keep filling the chilling beer while I watch the English Premiere League!
  • There is a certain glow in your face today. Don’t blame me if this ethereal beauty takes my breath away!
  • We were destined to meet my darling; even if we were in a different continent…you are like my beautiful migrating bird, and I am your peaceful nest!
  • You looked so great in your satin gown with the brooch a sparkly red; but then I opened my eyes to see you ruffled up on the bed!
  • Don’t worry sweetheart, I will forever love you; even if you threaten to kill me or fling at me a shoe.
  • You are my sunrise, you are my moon shine, and you are my day and night. Just don’t always yell so loud, when we are in a fight!
  • My love seems to have doubled since in this house we came; I mean, you have doubled up, and I still love you the same.
  • I promise to never fight unless it is about who loves more; I will never leave you, unless you show me the door!
  • [notice noticeType=”approved” ] I don’t want to be a spy singing “Every Breath you take, Every Move you make, I’ll be watching you”… But wherever you go and whatever you do I’ll always be you!!![/notice]
  • You are like a wine so fine…the very whiff of you casts a spell on me; that’s when I lose my mind, and fall all over in love oh so madly!

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