Funny Card Messages for Mom

Mothers are very conscious about their children’s life decisions because they don’t want to see their sons and daughters regretful at the end result of their decisions. Most often than not, children kid their moms by telling them some reckless decision and enjoy their mothers’ faces as a baffled reaction is palpable in them. If you would want to give your mom a mini heartache for a good millisecond, then here are funny messages worth printing in a card to make a potent joke to be handed over to your dearest mother.

This article offers various lighthearted jokes that could give your mom a momentary excitement or disappointment, and be compensated later on with a long peal of laughter. You may change some of the words or phrases depending on circumstances.

  • Mom! I really thank you so much for the support because my journey in becoming a lawyer has been so rough but with you by my side hardships have declined in such a rate I thought was never possible. I have tried my best and I know that my graduation dress has been fitted perfectly for me and also the celebration for my graduation are both ready. Mom I will be graduating so soon, but not sooner than you expected. The celebration will have to be delayed so don’t stress your mind about it.
  • I know that we made an agreement that if ever I can’t get an A plus then you will disown me as you child so hello, stranger.
  • Mom, do you remember about the rules you told me that I am not to indulge myself in liquor and cigarettes so that I can focus well on my studies? Well, I broke some those rules and have been diagnosed with the symptoms of cancer and also failed in most courses. Just kidding, mom, I’ll be expecting your presence in the University this coming Saturday for you to witness that your child will be graduating as Summa Cum Laude. PS the drinking part is real, though.
  • Mother, I’m sorry to announce one of my many disappointments in life, I am now a mother at this young age and my stomach is demanding countless food. I know that you have gone through this phase as well and familiar with current situation. (After your mom buys you food tell her) mom  I’m just really hungry but thank you so much for the food.
  • Mom I have to be honest with you and I know that this news I tell you will surely shock you in so many degrees. I am currently taking drugs, and the discussions about the drug I use is actually correct for it has made me more alive than ever. If you want I have a dealer in a local pharmacy who sells these drugs. The drug’s name, by the way, is vitamin C and it’s really good, it’s not even bitter at all.
  • Mom, last night I was at the store and I found dad with chitchatting with a lady named Alexa and they sounded really serious as if they have negotiated some thing. Dad gave Alexa a huge amount of money and bid her with a clip goodbye. Now you may ask why I knew the name well that’s because she had a name tag clipped on her breast like saleslady do and then I bought a yogurt and followed dad. By  the way mom, you have wasted  good fifteen seconds of your time reading this message. Love, your son.

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