Funny Farewell Card Messages

Bidding someone farewell should be done in a cheerful manner. Farewell greetings, messages and good wishes are sent to people who decide to leave a place, organisation, employment etc.

Funny farewell card messages are sent to cheerfully bid adieu to a person on his or her farewell. These messages are framed in a funny manner, using the casual tone.

The purpose of such messages is to send your good wishes to a person on his farewell in an amusing and a humorous manner.

Sample Funny Farewell Card Messages

  • We wish that you be blessed with lots of money and a loving boss this time. We wish you all the best for your new work place and we hope this time you will shine. Good luck and never come back. Have a happy farewell.
  • As you are bidding us farewell, we all hope that your new boss will hate as much as you are being hated here. Just kidding, we wish you all the best for your upcoming findings. Good luck for your future prospects, we hope that you will work with utmost sincerity and dedication.
  • You have always been a great colleague to work with. You very well know how to spoil people around you. On your farewell, we wish to thank you for your company and presence. All the best for your new employment, we look forward to staying in contact.
  • We are so glad that you are leaving this organisation. We will now be able to work with strength and determination. You have always deviated us from reaching till the final destination. Just kidding dear, we wish you all the best for your new organisation. Goodbye and keep your spirits high.
  • [blockquote]All the best for your bright future. We hope that your new colleagues and new boss will hate you as much as we do. Just joking, we all are going to badly miss you. Good luck for your new opportunities’; we know that you will overcome all the difficulties.[/blockquote]
  • Saying goodbye to you is really a crazy thing. We all know that this is not everything. May your new workplace fill you with loads of burdens and findings. Please know that we are just joking. All the best for your future, may you always prosper.
  • Good luck for finding new companions at your new work place. We are sure that you are not going to find such rocking people, like us, in any case. Good luck!

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