Get Well Card Messages

At the time of someone’s sickness or ill health, people send messages and good wishes to them for their recovery. Such messages convey sender’s get well soon wishes to the person who is unwell.

Get well card messages are such messages that are delivered as the card messages to cheer a person at the time of his sickness. These messages are framed in a very polite manner so as to ease and comfort the sufferings of the diseased person.

Sample Get Well Card Messages

  • I was sad to hear about your sickness. We all miss you in our moments of joys and happiness. This is to let you know that we are remembering you, please get well really soon.
  • We are glad that you are recovering speedily. Please get well really soon, you are being missed.
  • [blockquote]I have recently heard that you have been hospitalised. I am sure that they will leave you soon because we need you more than they need you. Please get well really soon.[/blockquote]
  • Since you are unwell and while you are away; we are delivering our thoughts to you and please know that we all will pray. We are missing your lively presence; you are the source of our happiness. Get well soon friend.
  • Sending you best wishes so that you get well really soon. We are waiting for you to come back so that we can enjoy under the shining moon. Your presence is being deeply missed by all of us; you are one who fills us with cheer and happiness. Get well soon.
  • Wake up from your bed and look out at the sun. I have asked it to shine for you so that you get well soon and enjoy the morning fun. We are deeply missing the moments of being one; please get well soon my dearest son.
  • Cheer up and get well soon. We are waiting for you. Everything appears dull and boring with you. We miss you.
  • At this point of time when you are unwell, I wish I was a magician and could caste a magic spell. I wish I could take all your sickness away, I wish I could greet you with a healthy day. Please get well soon.
  • [blockquote]I am right beside you for anything that you need. Please get well soon and revive the moments that are fun filled.[/blockquote]

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