Good Luck Greeting Card Messages

Good luck greeting card messages are the loving wishes which are sent to someone close to your heart who is going to appear for a special test in his life. You can send your good luck wishes in a beautiful card which will surely bring a smile on the face of the receiver. These cards are available in hard copy form as well as e-cards. These Good Luck greeting cards are the bundle of wishes soaked in inspiring words. These messages can be sent to your friends, relatives, family, colleagues and neighbours etc.

Sample Good Luck Greeting Card Messages

  • Success would be surely on your side if you lead your life with hard work and confidence. Good Luck for all your future endeavours.
  • Snow of winter and rains of summer, glory of the beautiful spring and grace of the heart touching autumn. May God bring you success in every season of life and you climb the ladder of success without any fear. Good Luck and All the very best!!
  • You may receive the blessings of God and sometimes it may come as a surprise. All your hard work will be paid and you will never lag behind. Carry my best wishes and Good Luck and always keep smiling.
  • Live life without any excuse and love someone without any regret. Find out 100 reasons to smile when life may throw 100 horrible reasons for crying. Carry my best wishes and Stay blessed.
  • Hope everything comes out to be the best for you and all your future should be filled with smile and laughter.
  • Luck is yours and wishes are mine may your future always shine. Sit on the plane of the luck and land on the airport of the success, take the flight of the laughter and fly in the sky of happiness. Good Luck!!
  • Even the stopped clock show correct time twice a day and every dark cloud have a silver lining to it. So stop worrying and keep your hopes intact a bright future awaits for you. Good Luck!!
  • You are sure to reach the top if you keep climbing the mountains of the success. All my heartiest congratulations for your bright future!!
  • Every sunrise gives us one more day of hope and ambitions. Live each day with joy and happiness would always be yours.
  • Success will come if you never stop trying. Good Luck and all the very best!!
  • May good luck follow wherever you go. May you be surrounded with successful moments to cherish and show. May you do great things so that you continue to glow. Good luck wishes to you.
  • Wishing you all the best for anything that you wish to pursue. Always do what you want to. Success with surely come to you, good luck to you.
  • [blockquote]My good luck wishes will be with you, everywhere and whatever you opt to choose. Just remember a simple fact of the life to never give up; you are surely going to earn success. Good luck[/blockquote]
  • It is in your belief what you actually acquire. I am sending my good luck wishes to you so that you continue to prosper. May GOOD luck always follow you, May you manage to turn all your dreams true.
  • Always run for the opportunities; never pay heed to the difficulties. Learn to walk on the path of success; your achievements will bless you with everlasting happiness. Good luck!
  • Always hope for the best and do not think about the rest. As every sunrise gives us a new day, I am sending my wishes to your way. Good luck for your future prospects, we are sure that you are going to be successful.
  • Always learn to fly in the plane of ambition. Carry on with your life with utmost dedication. It is your will power that will help you reach to your destination. We wish you all the best for your examination.
  • A wish is sent to you so that you achieve success in everything that you do. May you do your best, we are wishing you all the very best.
  • May you have a brightest future, May you always prosper. May good luck wishes are with you, May you experience your success in a way so new.

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