Housewarming Invitation Card Messages

Housewarming party is thrown by a person and his family members when they are moving to their new residence. It is an occasion on which the person presents his or her new home to the family members, friends, relatives etc.

On the occasion of housewarming, invitation messages are sent to friends and relatives to invites them for the celebration. These messages are called as housewarming invitation card messages.

The messages are written with full excitement and cheer to invite the guests over housewarming celebrations.

Sample Housewarming Invitation Card Messages

  • We now have our new home. Please join us for a housewarming party at our new residence, 23, Park Street on 2ND July. You are requested to share with us our happiness as we present our furnished house to the relatives and friends. We look forward to have you at the housewarming party celebrations.
  • [blockquote]We have finally managed to settle in! On such happy news, we have planned a housewarming party for all our dear family members and friends. We would glad to have you at the party celebrations, to enjoy with us over the dinner and drinks.[/blockquote]
  • Since we are finally settling at our new place, you are cordially invited to see our new home and hence embrace. This message is to invite you over housewarming party celebrations that are to be held on 2nd July 2013, at our new residence, 292 Main Park Street. We look forward to have great time with you all at the dinner.
  • We have packed the boxes, dressing and chairs. We are finally making a move to our new residence. Our housewarming party would be incomplete without telling you, we are therefore sending a party invitation to you. You are requested to mark your presence and grace the night with cheers and celebrations. We look forward to have you by our side at the time of our happiness.
  • We are travelling to our new residence; we are not going too far. We are throwing a housewarming party so that you may know where we are. You are cordially invited over a housewarming party that is to be held on 2nd July. Kindly come and admire our new residence. We look forward to have you at the party celebrations.
  • We have furnished our house, there wasn’t enough space. We are inviting you for a housewarming party so that you can see our new place.

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