I Iove You Card Messages

I love you messages are sent and delivered in the most romantic way to express and shower your love. Such messages can be sent and framed in variety of ways such as through sms messages, through email messages, etc.

I love you card messages are the messages that are sent through the cards, to shower your immense love on your partner. The messages are framed in a beautiful manner so as to please the reader. The content of such messages is love filled.

Sample I Iove You Card Messages

  • Being with you is a best thing to be. The love that I have for you is an only thing that you need to see. I will love you today and forever, I promise you that I will hurt you never. I love you dearly, I want you really.
  • [blockquote]Till the roses are red and the sky is blue, my love for you will always remain true. Your love is a divine feeling that I will always pursue. I wish to stay with you all the time, I wish to come close to you and say – You are mine. I love you.[/blockquote]
  • I love you with all my heart. I can never let you stay apart. You mean my life to me, the love that I have for you is a divine feeling that you must see. I love you darling!
  • [blockquote]Being with you is a priceless moment. I love you without any regret. I will always love you with same vigour and excitement. Having you by my side is a mode of enjoyment. I love you[/blockquote]
  • Not just today, not just tomorrow, I promise to love you forever. You are the one who has made my life happier and full of cheer. I feel blessed to have you in my life, being with you is a moment of paradise. Thanks a lot for your endless love, I love you!
  • I love you and I will always do. My love for you is a love so true. Of everyone and of everything, I will just love you.
  • I love the way you smile, I love the way you carry yourself in style. I wish to walk with you miles and miles, I wish to stay with you all this while. To me, you mean my world; you are the most beautiful girl. I love you!

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