Love Greeting Card Messages

Love is eternal and so are love messages; when you pen them down for someone special these messages carry a special feeling for time immemorial. Love greeting card messages are shared amongst lovers and obviously they speak of love, emotions and living together for eternal times. Here are some love messages for greeting cards that will help the loving souls to express their feelings –

You are my dream that came true; Everything about you is so beautiful that I can’t help but say forever “I Love You”

  • Your warmth is what I want to wake up to, your smile is what I want to see; your happiness is all I desire, you are the only one I love so dearly.
  • If I could wish for one thing, I would wish you be a song…Touch your lips, and make you happy forever, from dusk to dawn.
  • Many may compliment your face, Many your sharp intellect; but what I love is the person you are, despite your flaws, so perfect.
  • If love could buy fortunes, I would have made you a palace in gold. But irrespective of the wealth we have, your hands forever I want to hold.
  • [blockquote]No amount of money, diamond, or gold can fathom my love’s measure; for me you are my jewel, my very precious treasure.[/blockquote]
  • You don’t have to tell me, I can see it in your eyes; I can see the glow on your face and know that your love for me will never demise.
  • [notice noticeType=”approved” ]It’s not your lipstick, or your rouge, not even the darkest kohl; but it is the smile on your face that makes me feel so whole! [/notice]
  • I knew you loved me when you didn’t mind the long wait; I knew I loved you too because we were destined to be soul mates.
  • With every heart beat I only think of you, with every single breath I yearn for you; you are my love, my life, my all, you are my summer, spring and fall.
  • My body may have limited years, but my soul is free; I will always be with you, love you endlessly. Even when our time on this earth is done, our souls will be eternally united as one!
  • You are the reason that I wake up every day, you are the reason for my happy existence. Without your love, I’m like a lamp without light; you are my conscience never wrong, only right!

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