Missing You Card Messages

Missing you card messages are sent and delivered when a person misses someone. These card messages are framed with the feelings of thoughtfulness and love for the sender and are sent to let him know that he or she is being missed.

The messages are framed beautifully, to please the reader. When you opt to say “I miss you” to someone, the person feels important and valued. The purpose of such messages is to convey to the reader that he is being missed and remembered.

Sample Missing You Card Messages

  • In everything that I do, I can’t stop myself from missing you. You have surely captured my mind and heart, I want to keep you with me and never apart. I miss you.
  • [blockquote]I miss the way you smile. I miss the way you walk in style. I miss the way we walk miles and miles. I miss the way we stay happy and blessed all the while. I miss you having by my side; I miss the moments of paradise. I miss you.[/blockquote]
  • There are many things in you that I miss. From your curly hair to your pink lips. You have always been a source of my happiness, I have always longed for your warm presence. I miss you deeply.
  • You have been all over my mind in everything that I do. Your presence and essence are the best things that I deeply value. The love that I have for you is so pure and true. Please know that I am badly missing you.
  • I wish if you can stand by my side. I wish if we can together travel to the land of paradise. I am looking forward for the day when I can make you my wife; I will then have to stop missing you like this. I miss you a lot.
  • [blockquote]My heart doesn’t stop thinking about you. My eyes keep on searching for you. You are everywhere and in everything that I do, please know that I deeply miss you.[/blockquote]
  • The day when I gave you my heart, I promised that I will never be apart. You are a one true love of my live, being with you I always feel special and high. This is to let you know that I miss you; I want to come close to you. My love for you is pure and true, I really love you.

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