Nice Greeting Card Messages

There are number of occasions both happy and sad, when one may like to send their loved ones, friends etc. a greeting card. It is often believed that words hold the capacity to say a lot more than people may believe. Here are a few nice greeting card messages which cater to a variety of occasions like promotion, holidays, exams and others. Anyone in need can make use of these messages.

Sample Nice Greeting Card Messages

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]Dear Mr. Jameson, the whole student body wises you the very best for the new research opportunity that has come your way. We all hope that you will be very successful and we will as always be the proud students of a great intellectual. We will all miss you. Best of luck.[/notice]

  • Dear Miss Logan, you are my best teacher and I wish you a very merry Christmas. I hope that you Christmas vacation go very nicely. See you after the break.
  • Dear Janice, I wish you all the best for your upcoming exams. You are a very smart and intelligent person and hope that you will perform really well in the exams. My best wishes and all the love are with you dear child. Lots of love and care- Mom.

[blockquote]Mr. Litton, it is an honour to have you as a part of our faculty. The whole faculty and the institution welcome you with open arms. We hope to form a great alliance with you and maintain a long term teaching relationship.[/blockquote]

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]Dear Mrs. Jones it was such a pleasure training under you supervision for so long. I am so happy that you have got the job that you deserved and wished for. I wish you all the very best for the future, I know you will be great. I will definitely miss the best mentor I have ever has, lots of love Dina.[/notice]

  • Dear mom and dad- here’s wishing the cutest and the best couple in the whole wide world a very happy wedding anniversary. I love you both so much; I hope to celebrate your love for many years to come for you are an inspiration to me.
  • Dear Joe, I am so sorry to hear about your mother. I know how important she was to you and I can only imagine how you must be feeling. So all I want to say is that I am always here for you and with you, whenever you need me. Your dear friend, Jenna.

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