Retirement Card Messages for Boss

Without the guidance of the boss, professional lives would have been void; thanks to bosses that they make our profession workable. Thus, it’s a small gesture of love and regards for the person on his retirement day if you write few words of gratitude and best wishes on a beautiful card and gift him.

The words should be well chosen with gratitude, encouragement, regards and best wishes for the upcoming days. Some selected retirement card messages for boss are enlisted here for your help –

  • The final day in your office is a grief for us as we will really miss your guidance. However, we wish you spend the retirement life with optimum health and mental peace. Happy retired days!
  • May the coming days be full of hobbies, leisure vacations, pampering yourself and everything that keeps you happy. Thank you for giving us such a prospering workplace. Happy retirement sir!
  • Sir, you will be missed from the core of our hearts, but we are content because now it’s time for your much needed rest. Be happy, stay healthy and enjoy the retired life grandly!
  • The post 60 life brings on many apprehensions but we know you as a person and have seen how you spread happiness and optimism. We wish your retirement days are filled with the same! Good bye sir…stay in touch!
  • Nowadays retirement does not mean ‘old age’ instead it means ‘renewed living’. We wish you abundance of energy, good health, mental peace, spiritual harmony and content moments for your coming retired life sir!
  • Not only an inspiration as a boss, also the way you handled each and every aspect of our professional lives – we will be lost without you. Nevertheless, this day had to come. Please stay in touch with us and spend the retirement days with complete ‘rejuvenation’.
  • Hope the retirement life brings to you everything that you missed till date due to the meetings, office hours, projects and audits. Happy ‘leisure’ days ahead sir!
  • This cabin will no longer be cherished as the ‘most competent’ man’s room – we will miss you sir. Happy retirement days, may you get all the things that your right deserve in life!
  • Retirement is a happy time, it brings all those moments and opportunities that you missed on for so many years due to the rigorous service schedule. Catch all of them Sir and enjoy the great life ahead. We will miss you though!

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