Retirement Card Messages for Co Workers

Retirement is a very significant turn in a person’s life and when you see your co-workers retiring there is a mixed feeling of course – you will miss the person but also will be happy as he will now get the time for himself. Small and touching card messages on this special day can make the recipient happy for the ultimate love and regards he receives from colleagues.

These messages should not only be inspirational but also convey how special the person was and what impression he left in your life. Here are some helpful samples to write retirement card messages for co-workers –

  • The seat next to me will be vacant from tomorrow; it’s like I’m losing my best friend after 30 long years of togetherness. Stay happy and healthy my friend! Happy retirement life..
  • These years of service were well spent with a colleague who understood my more than anyone. I will miss each and every moment with you. May your retirement days bring enjoyment, health and happiness forever!
  • Please accept our heartfelt greetings on your retirement – it’s true that we will lose a competent employee and a genuine friend around, but we can always stay in touch. Spend the leisure days in fun and peace!
  • Wish your life after 60 to be a dream come true as you wanted to roam the world with your wife; enjoy the tours, eat healthy and live happily. Happy retirement days, we will miss you!
  • We come together to convey our hearty wishes on the occasion of your retirement and wish you all the good things in the coming days that you missed for years owing to office liabilities.
  • Please don’t forget us and keep us close to your heart as so many years of companionship will surely be missed after your retirement. Our best wishes for good health and happy days for the retired life ahead!
  • Retiring from service means many pros and cons. We were habituated with your humour and antiques during lunch hours, you will be missed my friend! Happy retirement!
  • This day had to come and we are having a mixed feeling for you. The cabin without you is impossible to imagine; on the other hand we are happy that now you will finally get some time for your family. Happy retirement days!
  • May God shower on you the choicest blessings, and a perfect blend of good health, spirited mind, optimism and the best virtues to lead the life post retirement. Enjoy the retired life!

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