Sympathy Card Messages

Sympathy card messages are those messages that are created for the purpose of consoling your dear ones to acknowledge their grief and to honor their loss.

You may often become confused when it comes to writing a sympathy card message because you can’t think of words to console. It is important that the words that are written on a sympathy card come from your heart to make the person feel better.

Sample Sympathy Card Messages

  • You are always thought about during your difficult times with all our caring hearts.
  • We are sorry for your loss. Please remember that our prayers and wishes are always there for you and your family.
  • Please accept my heartfelt condolences and remember that we love and care for you.
  • We are at loss of words for all that has happened. Please accept our deepest condolences.
  • Our prayers are always there for you and your family. We are deeply sorry for your loss.
  • I realize that you have lost a very special person of your life! And I’m deeply sorry for that.
  • I know that no one ever will be able to replace such a lovely person in your life. Please accept our sincere condolences.
  • [blockquote]I understand that you are going through a very difficult time because of the loss of such an important person in your life. But remember that I’m here for you forever.[/blockquote]
  • I can’t imagine that such a person is no more. He was indeed a blessing to this world. Please accept our sincere condolences.
  • Sorry that you are going through such a difficult time. But we are here to support you here after.
  • I know what you are going through but I believe that when we lose a person we love they always live through our memories and build strength in us!
  • We are very sorry for the loss of such a lovely person. But we are sure to carry him in our thoughts and we’ll make sure that he lives in our memories.
  • Though I know that just words cannot make you entirely fine as you are going through this difficult time, remember that I will always be there to support you and to look after you today and all the time.
  • Words are just not enough to express the extent of sadness we share due to the loss of such a great person. We assure you that he will be there in our memories and you will have our support always.

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