Teacher Appreciation Card Messages

Teacher appreciation card messages are the messages that are sent by the teachers to their students, to appreciate them for their results and hard work.

These messages can also be sent by the students or the faculty members of an educational institute to appreciate a teacher for her teachings, knowledge and skills. In both the cases, the messages are sent to appreciate the reader.

Such messages must be framed with the use of polite words so as to please the teacher. Sample of such messages are given below.

Sample Teacher Appreciation Card Messages

  • You are the best teacher I have ever met in my life. You have always guided me to rise above the lows and hence I have always managed to rise. I wish to appreciate you and your efforts for being such a nice teacher; I am going to remember you always.
  • Having such a helping, motivating and a skilled teacher like you is a lifetime opportunity. I feel so glad that you have always helped me to rise above the difficulties. Through this message, I wish to pay my sincerest gratitude to you, I deeply value the teachings provided by you.
  • [blockquote]You have always been the best teacher till now. You have always helped me to overcome the failures and have taught to rise above from sorrows. Not just a teacher, you have always taught me the important aspects of the life, it is because of you that I am in my highs.[/blockquote]
  • Ma’am I wish to thank you for your selfless efforts that you have provided me. What I am today is because of what you had taught me. You have always been a true source of inspiration, under your guidance; I have always managed to study with utmost sincerity and dedication.
  • You are one such teacher, whose guidance will be remembered forever. You are one such teacher who teaches the students from her heart and not just from the books. I must thank you and your teachings are deeply valued.
  • I respect you wholeheartedly. You are the best teacher and I will remember you till eternity. The knowledge that you share has helped all of us, it is because of your teachings that we managed to achieve success.
  • On this graduation day, we wish to appreciate the selfless efforts of our teachers in the respectful way. We thank you for your kindness and generosity.

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