Answering Machine Christmas Messages

Christmas is a time to have plenty of fun and rejoice with your family. You can make these holidays more unique, by incorporating answering machine Christmas messages so that you can reach your loved ones even in your absence. These messages will instantly bring a smile to all those who gives you a call and leaves a message.

Sample Answering Machine Christmas Messages:

  • Sorry, I am busy baking pies and cookies as Christmas is here. So leave a brief message after you hear the jingle, dear.
  • I am out for Santa is here. Couldn’t take your call, so speak up and make it clear. And drop your name and number for we should get near.
  • Jingle bells, jingle bells and jingle all through the day. Merry Christmas and happy days and better say your name.
  • Christmas lights make the world so bright. Also, making my small house glow with light. Leave a brief message, so that I can get your name right.
  • Wishing you all a very happy and a bright Christmas. Sorry, we are unavailable for a few happy days. So leave, your name and number after you hear the big beep.
  • Sorry, we are busy baking Christmas pies. As we have the news that Santa is in our town. Singing tales and singing songs. So leave a message after you hear the Christmas bells loud.
  • Nights are silent but ever so bright. Christmas is here to make our lives full of light. Merry Christmas dear friends and family, hope you all have a lovely time. Leave your name and number after you hear the Christmas carol.

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