Christmas Messages To Husband

By | November 22, 2012

Christmas messages to husband are the messages that are sent by a wife to her husband to greet him with a Christmas Day wish. These messages are love filled messages and are sent to a husband with much joy and excitement around the Christmas celebrations.

The messages are sent by a wife to her husband to shower her love and say him merry Christmas.

Sample Christmas Messages To Husband

  • Dearest husband, there is a special place in my heart which only you can touch. On this Christmas Eve, I want to tell you that I love you very much. Thanks to Jesus for bringing such happiness. Merry Christmas!
  • [blockquote]I am so glad that you are my husband. My Christmas Day would be celebrated in a best possible way. Your presence is a source of my happiness. Merry Christmas to you and I love you![/blockquote]
  • Since Christmas Eve is near, [blockquote]I am missing you so much my dear. You are my husband and I love to walk with you while holding your hand. Oh dear, let us celebrate this Christmas with a great cheer. Merry Christmas![/blockquote]
  • As I see your face and as I hear your voice, I feel very nice. Dear husband, on this Christmas, I have a surprise. I love you and I love you too, Merry Christmas to you! 

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