Funny Christmas Message for Children

Christmas is the season for children to enjoy their holiday once in a year, with all the celebration, gifts and sweets they will receive this coming feast, there is a lot more way of entertaining them aside from social media and the modern technology is by giving them a humorous note that the will carry for the coming New Year.

Having this in their gift may come clever to remind them of what they should be not for the coming year and to give appraisal of all the good things they have done for the whole year. Here are some Sample Christmas Messages you can use to give to your children or nieces and nephew as you celebrate Merry Christmas with all of your family.

Example of Funny Message for Children 2016

Christmas Message for Children

  • Christmas is the day to be cheerful, you will have a rest for all the commotion and demands of the world, as you will only think of happiness and thankfulness of what you have in the whole year.
  • Merry Christmas to you my child, you are my bittersweet angel we have so be good this coming year and we just talk to Santa Claus to give you your wish, just don’t be angry with what you will have, its Santa’s gift not from us.
  • You have been a slightly good boy this year, you deserve this gift but you did not clean your room so better yet clean it first before I let you open this gift.
  • Be sweet and kind this holiday, Christmas will never be merry and jolly with all the smile and gifts you will give to others.
  • You know what is the meaning of Christmas? It’s the season to give and share so we share the entire budget for your wish to charity, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
  • Why Rudolf is the only reindeer with the red nose? Because he is always in front of the sleigh and always forgets to wear mask when they flew in Christmas and gets cold for the long trip.
  • I am lucky to have a nice daughter like you, always whining and shout like a brat, I let you have your wish be granted if you will change next year. Love Dad and Mom.
  • Naughty or nice you have been this year, we will always here for you, you’ll know what you are in those two when you open your gift this Christmas.
  • You know why Santa only comes only at night? Because he knows you will empty all his bag of gifts, so he only gives this remaining one so you know what it means to be contented.

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