Funny Christmas Messages for Mom

Our mother is always been the person ready to help us in our troubles and always accepts us despite of our mischiefs done. Their role in our life is lifetime commitment and this Christmas, let your imagination and love be mixed together to deliver the message of care for your adored mother this holiday.

Thank her for all the things she does for you from your birth up to now and forget all the sulkiness you have for her. Choose from our selection of premium samples you can give for your one and only mother and express how you really loved her no matter what happens.

 Funny Christmas Messages for Mom

Christmas Message to Mom

  • God has been given birth by Virgin Mary; she is the mother that never leaves his son with all his mission and tragedies in life. You mom are like her, always remind me of do the right thing and give me the strength to pursue what is my desire. This Christmas I want you to be special and lay down the worries as I will take care of you in your existence like you always did for me.
  • Merry Christmas Mother!! You know how I really thank you for all the care and supervision you give for me at all times. I do not count the years but the sweet and loving memories we will spent as a family.
  • This is the day that Jesus Christ has been give birth by Mother Mary, the day that will mark the salvation of humankind to sin; Christmas is the day that will make our bonding more closer and strong Mother as I will always care for you like Mary did to Jesus. I will give the lifetime favor I have for you and never to leave your side like a guardian angel to look your back 24/7.
  • Mother you are always been my Santa Claus, and this Christmas let me be your Santa, I will give you my time and care as the material gifts would never be equal of and bring you happiness not only this Christmas but all day of the year!
  • This season of sharing is the time to express how a daughter and son love their mother with all her imperfections and insufficiencies to her family yet always striving hard to give what is best to them. Merry Christmas is just a day in a year, but our joy and affection will be yours all the time, let this holiday feel show our care for you Mom, thanks for all that you’ve done for us.

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